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By confirming a booking with Bell A Move you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Where we use the words ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the customer. ‘We, Us or Our’ means Bell A Move.
  1. The Quote Unless otherwise stated the quote is a fixed price and does not include materials, storage, customs duties and inspections or any other fees whatsoever. We may either increase or decrease the price if any of the following have not been taken into account when preparing our quotation and confirmed by us in writing:
    a) You do not accept the quote, in writing, within 28 days with a date in place for the removal, confirmed by us in writing.
    b) The removal is not carried out or completed within three months due to your delay.
    c) Our costs change because of changes in taxation or other costs beyond our control.
    d) We have to collect or deliver goods to floors higher than those agreed, in writing, at the time of booking.
    e) Additional services, including moving or storing extra goods, are supplied by us (these conditions will also apply to these services).
    f) Inadequate access preventing free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the approach, road or drive prevents our vehicles to load and/or unload within 10 meters of the doorway, meaning that we have to do extra work.
    g) Breakdown of lifts or escalators which were working at the time of quote, meaning extra work.
    h) Any parking charges or parking fines that we have to pay in order to carry out services on your behalf (see condition 17).
    i) Events outside our reasonable control cause delays.
    j) Dismantling or assembling any flat-pack furniture or fittings.
    k) We agree in writing to increase our limit of liability as set out in clause 10.
    In all the above circumstances the price will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Work Excluded from the Quote Unless agreed by us in writing we will not:
    a) Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fixtures, fittings or electrical equipment.
    b) Take up or lay fitted floor coverings.
    c) Move storage heaters (unless previously dismantled).
    d) Move items from or to a loft (unless well illuminated with safe access).
    e) Move or store any items excluded under clause 5.
  3. Our Responsibility It will be our responsibility to deliver or produce your goods to you undamaged. This means that we will deliver or produce the goods to you in the condition they were in at the time of packing or made ready for transportation.
  4. Your Responsibility It will be your own responsibility (and, where relevant, expense) to:
    a) Declare to us valuations of all goods being removed. The value to be used is the current value (not a new for old value).
    b) Insure the goods submitted for removal against all insurable risks where you do not wish to accept ‘Inclusive Cover’.
    c) Obtain all paperwork (licenses, permits, etc.) necessary for the removal to be completed.
    d) Be yourself present or represented throughout the whole removal.
    e) Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is left behind or taken away in error.
    f) Arrange protection for goods left in unattended premises or where other people not bound by these terms and conditions will be present.
    g) Prepare and stabilize all electric equipment prior to its removal.
    h) Empty, defrost completely and clean refrigerators and freezers. We are not responsible for the contents.
    i) Provide us with a correspondence address.
    Other than by reason of our own negligence, we will not be held liable for costs that may arise from any of the above.
  5. Non-Submission of Certain Goods for Removal The following items are excluded from this contract:
    a) Jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind.
    b) Items which have the potential to damage, explode or be dangerous including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms, and ammunition.
    c) Prohibited or stolen goods.
    d) Drugs.
    e) Goods which may be likely to encourage vermin, pests or cause infestation.
    f) Food or drink which is refrigerated or frozen.
    g) Any pets or animals (including reptiles, fish, and birds) whether in cage, tank, or animal carrier.
    h) Goods which require government permission or license for export or import.
    Any of the above-listed goods will not be removed by us except with our prior written agreement. If these goods are removed we will not accept liability for loss or damage, unless we are negligent or in breach of contract, due to the special nature of the goods concerned. If such goods are removed without our knowledge and prior written consent we will not be liable for any loss or damage and you will indemnify us against any charges, expenses, damages, or penalties claimed against us. Furthermore, we would have the right to dispose of goods which are listed under paragraphs 5(b), 5(c), 5(d), 5(e) and 5(f) without notice.
  6. Ownership You declare, upon acceptance of this contract, that:
    a) all goods to be removed are your own property or,
    b) you have been given the authority to make this contract by the person(s) who own or have an interest in the goods and that they have been made aware of these conditions.
    You will meet any claims for damages and / or costs against us if these statements are not true.
  7. Initial Deposit A 50% deposit is required for fixed rate jobs. The deposit should be cleared funds in our bank account before the removal date.
  8. Paying for the Removal Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing:
    a) Payment may be made cash, credit card (with certain exclusions), debit card or bank transfer. In all cases, we require cleared funds in our bank account, prior to the removal of the goods.


In addition to the terms and conditions outlined above for removal services, the following terms and conditions specifically apply to house clearance services provided by Bell A Move:
  1. Scope of Services a) House clearance services include the removal and disposal of furniture, appliances, household goods, and other items from the premises specified by the customer. b) Items to be cleared must be accessible and ready for removal on the agreed-upon date and time. Any delays or additional work required due to inaccessible items may result in extra charges.
  2. Excluded Items a) Hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, solvents, and other dangerous substances will not be cleared by us. b) Biological waste, including medical waste, bodily fluids, or any items contaminated with such substances, will not be cleared. c) Items prohibited by local laws or regulations will not be cleared without prior approval from the appropriate authorities.
  3. Customer Responsibility a) The customer must ensure that all items to be cleared belong to them or that they have the legal authority to request their removal. b) Any valuable or sentimental items should be removed by the customer prior to the clearance, as we cannot guarantee their safekeeping. c) The customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits or permissions required for the clearance, such as parking permits or building access permits.
  4. Disposal of Items a) We will dispose of cleared items responsibly, following all relevant waste disposal regulations and guidelines. b) Where possible, items suitable for donation or recycling will be separated and handled appropriately. c) Any disposal fees or charges incurred by us will be passed on to the customer.
  5. Liability a) We will not be liable for any damage to property or belongings remaining in the premises after clearance has been completed. b) The customer is responsible for ensuring that all personal belongings, important documents, and valuables are removed from the premises before clearance begins.
  6. Completion of Clearance a) Clearance will be considered complete once all agreed-upon items have been removed from the premises. b) Any additional work requested by the customer after clearance has commenced may incur extra charges and may delay completion.
  7. Indemnity a) The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Bell A Move harmless against any claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising from the house clearance services, except where such claims result from our negligence or breach of contract.
  8. Cancellation a) Charges may apply in the event of cancellation or postponement of house clearance services, as outlined in the general terms and conditions for removal services.
These house clearance terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement between the customer and Bell A Move and are subject to the same terms regarding changes, disputes, and applicable law as outlined in the general terms and conditions.
Bell A Move Challenge House, 616 Mitcham Road, CR0 3AA
0203 488 1923